The project: 

Edges is a visual reflection on boundaries and limits as visible and invisible lines that soundlessly change our subconscious perception of the space around us. Started in 2011, the project combines analogue and digital photography, performance, photomontage and GPS Art with physical and visual explorations of marginal spaces, myths and oral traditions.


This choice is dictated by the desire to create multimedia artworks in which different layers of perception of space – specifically of marginal space – materialise. Indeed, while photography is capable of figuratively representing and documenting reality, performance art provides the possibility of materially interacting with the space, of penetrating it, of physically perceiving and expressing its meaning. GPS drawing, finally, simultaneously facilitates a physical exploration of the space and an abstract representation of it:  combining exploration, physics, technology and concern for the environment with the world of artistic experimentation, it can be conceived, in fact, as a dynamic art which, through a real survey of places and physical immersion, allows the landscape – natural or cultural – to be re-imagined in a virtual and artistic form and its physical space remapped using symbolic or emotional meanings.


Project Outputs:

Started in 2011 Edges has already explored Glasgow's marginal cityscape  and San Francisco's edges with the Pacific. The results of the work have been exhibited in the solo exhibition Edges at The Arches, in Glasgow in 2011 and in the collective exhibition The Last Mile, at The Bonnafont Gallery, in San Francisco, in 2012. The next stage will be a period of work-research at ILIRI (Imaging the Land International Research Institute) in the Australian desert. The residency will be realized thanks to the support of Creative Scotland and of the College of Fine Arts (COFA) of the UNSW.