Feng Shui literally means Wind (feng) and Water (shui) and can be described as the ancient Chinese art of placement.


The aim of Feng Shui is to create a harmonious balance between our intentions and our space, making the unseen work with the seen.


According to Feng Shui, wind and water are the invisible and visible carriers of Ch’i, the ever-present life-force energy that flows in and around us. Ch’i permeates our sky, land, homes and bodies, moving in a circular flowing motion, often described as a gently flowing river. When Ch’i is properly balanced and circulates freely in our body and space, it generates peace, health and well-being.


The goal of Feng Shui is to improve our surroundings so as to improve our life itself.

While there are many schools of Feng Shui, the two main traditions are the Form School and the Compass School.


My approach to Feng Shui follows that of the Form School, which is the oldest school of Feng Shui and uses the guiding principle of Ch’i flow and observation of the environment.


It also includes the Three-Door approach, which incorporates the traditional directional methods of Feng Shui in a system of reading energy patterns with the Bagua, a map used in Feng Shui to correlate parts of a space to particular areas of life.


It is a flexible, personal and effective approach that works well in contemporary environments and actively engages the user in the Feng Shui process, leaving room for personal taste, style and creative solutions, while ensuring the creation of a balanced and harmonious environment.






Feng Shui Design makes you aware of how your surroundings affect you and ensures that your personal space reflects more profoundly who you are, achieving specific results and increasing your overall well-being.


Feng Shui Design may involve minor actions - such as moving furniture, changing the colour of a carpet, adding a lamp or a piece of art - or more extensive innovations. This is your choice: both cases give you the chance to examine not only the space in which you live or work but also your life, priorities, aims and desires.


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